Data center sprawl can be a real pain to manage, and it’s only made worse when dealing with legacy architecture. As data needs continue to grow exponentially, having an efficient and cost-effective data protection solution in place is more necessary than ever. If you’re still dealing with outdated hardware and software, then it will only become increasingly complex (and frustrating) to deal with data migration, backup, and recovery.


Working with Rubrik for Better Data Protection


To help address these pain points, Cloudian has partnered with Rubrik to bring simple, seamless, and secure backup and long-term data retention solutions to enterprises.

Rubrik acts as a sort of ‘time machine’ for VMs. Backup software, catalog management, replication, and deduplicated storage are all brought into a single appliance. As a result, you get incredible ease of use and infinite scalability. Rubrik is able to deliver near-zero recovery times without the need for rehydration.

How Rubrik and Cloudian work together

How Rubrik and Cloudian HyperStore work hand-in-hand to provide efficient and affordable data backup and protection.

How Cloudian Fits In


Rubrik serves as a smart on-ramp to Cloudian HyperStore – no additional software installations or plugins necessary to connect the two. This, in turn, lets IT automate backup, replication, and archival via a policy-based engine. By sending the deduplicated data to HyperStore, IT can save money on data transfer and storage costs.

Furthermore, Cloudian HyperStore is fully software-defined with no affinity to hardware. It is a scale-out, 100% native S3 object storage platform designed for large but flexible storage solutions – ideal for storing unstructured data and content. HyperStore is robust and durable, but also flexible, and we kept ease of management and usability in mind from the start. Additionally, HyperStore provides seamless tiering and replication to public cloud providers such as AWS, Glacier, and other S3-compatible endpoints, including tape.

You can read more about Cloudian HyperStore’s features and benefits here.

Having ironclad data protection in place is vital. Read more about how Rubrik and Cloudian can help in our joint solution brief.

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