A few months ago, I was hesitant about applying to an internship at a technology company. Unlike many of my peers who view the Silicon Valley as the perfect gateway for fueling their careers and interests, I was never quite drawn to the tech scene I had grown up with.

At the same time, a majority of my hesitation could be attributed to intimidation – I had neither a technical background nor real understanding of the sorts of professions and companies that existed in the Silicon Valley. But given the exciting opportunity to intern at Cloudian these past few months, I got the chance to not only explore the cloud computing industry, but also immerse myself in an environment I was once too scared to venture into.

Along with the support of my manager and peers at Cloudian, one of the major projects I worked on as a marketing intern was a “draw my life” style video about object storage. Although I had absolutely no clue what object storage was prior to my internship, my co-workers were always there for me to turn to for help and guidance. After all, being given the opportunity to work on a topic I was previously unacquainted with translated into an opportunity to learn everything I stumbled upon. From there, the video began to unfold – from hours upon hours of research to creating a script, incessant doodling, and many dry-erase marker stains, here’s the finished product!

Thanks to my team at Cloudian for supporting me the entire way. Having worked on this project has definitely instilled in me a new confidence to take a leap into the unknown. As I spend my last few days here, I am proud to have been able to spend some time familiarizing myself with the core of Cloudian’s product and leave a piece of something I created before I go!

– Lesley

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