Gartner’s Storage Hype Cycle is out, and Storage Newsletter posted the piece here. The Gartner Hype Cycle is an industry overview that looks at the maturity of various storage types. In the Storage Newsletter posting, Gartner’s comments specific to object storage are interesting: they recommend that customers seek out the attributes that Cloudian offers.  

Gartner: “Customers should evaluate the product’s API support for dominant public cloud providers”

o    Cloudian supports all of them: Amazon, Google, Microsoft. Furthermore, only Cloudian offers converged access on all of them: Only Cloudian lets you write data — both file and object — to cloud storage, and then read that data directly, using cloud-resident apps.

Gartner: “Amazon’s S3 has emerged as the dominant API”

o    Only Cloudian has the S3 API integrated at our storage layer. All other object vendors uses gateways (or an “access layer”, or “connectivity layer”)  for S3 access. Cloudian has the most interoperable S3 API today, and will continue to have in the future.   

Gartner: “Select object storage vendors that offer a wide choice of deployment (software-only versus packaged appliances versus managed hosting) and licensing models (perpetual versus subscription)”

o    Cloudian is the only non-captive vendor to offer all of these options: software, hardware, and cloud, plus perpetual and subscription licensing.

Gartner: “Common use cases that Gartner sees for object storage are archiving, content distribution, analytics and backup.”

o    All of these use cases require 3rd party applications, and Cloudian has demonstrated the widest interoperability with them. Only Cloudian guarantees S3 API interoperability.

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