Read the Gartner Peer Insights reviews for Cloudian here.

Gartner Peer Insights collects verified reviews from actual end-users. To participate, users provide a detailed description of their deployment.

Cloudian HyperStore surpasses its competition with:

  • Highest object storage rating
  • 2X more object storage reviews

Gartner groups ratings into specific markets. Cloudian’s market is Distributed File Systems and Object Storage, a category that includes scale-out NAS as well as object storage.

Among the object storage reviews, Cloudian has 2X more reviews than the next closest competitors.

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In the comments sections,  user provides insight into what worked and didn’t work.

  • “Cloudian have been extremely easy to work with and engaged with us to get the products installed and supported.” – Director of Product and Service Development 
  • “We had a great experience with Cloudian! After testing Redhat and Scality, Cloudian stood out…” – CEO
  • “Better than expected…. and we expected everything.” – Technical Operations Director
  • “Unparalleled customer service and support.” – Principal Engineer in Media Industry
  • “Cloudian has the most mature object storage solution out of all the vendors we have tested. After spending close to a year testing all the major object storage vendors, Cloudian proved to have the most resilient, mature and performant product that matched extremely well the architectural concepts of Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre.”  – Director
  • “Great flexibility and S3 compatibility.Very attentive sales person, great presale and after-sale technical support.” – Product Manager
  • “The process from the POC and commercial discussions through to contracts and implementation have been seamless.” – Managing Director
  • “Cloudian was very outcome focused and worked to ensure our success.”  – Managing Director 
  • “Easy to deploy, operate, and scale. Pre-sales and architecture sessions were great and informative. They have knowledgeable engineers and a technical sales team. Deployment was quick and easy.” – Director, Cloud Engineering

Read the object storage reviews

Visit the review site and read the reviews. You’ll see why Cloudian has the most customers of any object storage vendor.

Then visit and learn how object storage can help you in use cases like:

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