On-prem S3 storage to simplify data protection

Veeam® Availability Suite™ is designed to provide both data protection and hyper-availability for all workloads — physical, virtual and cloud. Veeam’s native support of the S3 protocol — the de-facto standard for cloud storage — allows seamless integration with Cloudian® HyperStore®, the industry’s leading on-prem S3 storage platform. HyperStore provides a scalable backup, archive, and disaster recovery storage target for Veeam Data Protection environments, at 70% less cost of traditional storage solutions.

The Challenge

Managing data growth has become increasingly complex due to legacy architecture and outdated hardware and software solutions. Ability to manage this burgeoning resource and ensure its availability, security, durability, and recoverability in the face of outages is critical to business. The need for an affordable and effective approach to data life cycle management and data protection has never been greater.


Veeam Hyper-Availability Platform is the most complete solution to help customers evolve the way they manage data and to ensure it is available across any application and across any cloud infrastructure. Veaam’s native support of the S3 protocol allows seamless integration with Cloudian HyperStore, industry’s best on-prem S3 storage platform. Together the solution of Veeam and Cloudian, provides customers with a robust Data management and Protection solution with scalable storage, high data durability and fast recovery times at 70% of the cost of traditional storage solutions.

veeam cloudian solution

Cloudian serves as an on-prem storage target for Veeam backup processes with potential for policy-based capacity expansion to the public cloud.

Scalable, Cost-effective Backup Target

Cloudian HyperStore is a scale-out object storage system that provides a fast, cost-effective backup and archive storage platform. With native S3 support introduced in Veeam V9.5 Update 4, customers can seamlessly plug-in Cloudian HyperStore as a scalable cost-effective storage target for on-prem data protection.

Available as an appliance or as software, HyperStore lets customers start small and expand seamlessly from TBs to PBs without interruption.

Cloudian provides substantial savings as a scale-out backup repository for disaster recovery.

Data Loss Avoidance

Veeam customers have multiple data protection options for fast, reliable, and efficient backups. Integration with HyperStore enables customers to back up more frequently, at better economics, enabling them to achieve lower Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

High-Speed Recovery

With Cloudian HyperStore as the capacity tier for a Veeam Data Protection environment, customers have multiple options for data recovery. The solution supports full recovery option directly from HyperStore without the need to rehydrate primary backup to achieve low Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs)

Verified Recoverability

Veeam guarantees the recoverability of every file, application, or virtual server with Sure Backup. Cloudian HyperStore as the backup target, offers multiple types of data protection, such as replication and erasure coding, increasing the recoverability of the backup data. Customers can also use Cloudian’s Cross Region Replication as another level of data protection to ensure your data is secure and available for disaster recovery anytime and anywhere with Veeam.

Complete Visibility

Veeam provides a host of tools to monitor health, troubleshoot performance, and plan and test disaster recovery. With the integration of Cloudian HyperStore as the S3 storage target, customers can easily access, manage and move all data from a single pane of glass enhancing the regulatory compliance of all backup and archive data.

High Availability

Veeam and Cloudian HyperStore is a software-defined solution with a scale-out architecture. The solution of Veeam with HyperStore provides a high degree of availability with up to 14 nines of data durability for backed up data.


Both Veeam and Cloudian solutions provide security of in-flight data and data-at-rest with AES 256-bit encryption. Easily leverage the built-in security of Veeam or Cloudian HyperStore to protect your data. Share any Veeam backups within your own IT organization using Cloudian HyperStore as the backup repository for disaster recovery purposes. Manage your data protection and accessibility across multiple regions with your own on-premises storage solution.


Both Veeam and Cloudian HyperStore support multi-tenancy allowing multiple users on a single, shared infrastructure without compromising security. Veeam’s Enterprise Backup Manager provides role-based access control to the data. Cloudian HyperStore stores the data logically separated for each user. This ensures that data cannot be accessed by any other user unless access permission is explicitly granted.

Hybrid / Multi-Cloud

Both Cloudian and Veeam support hybrid cloud/multi-cloud deployments. Policy-based tiering can be configured to tier from HyperStore to the public cloud for capacity expansion and offsite storage for disaster recovery.

Target Deduplication

If target deduplication is desired, Cloudian offers optional software which can achieve backup data reduction ratios of 30:1 or more. The deduplication software runs on industry-standard servers. For archive or DR applications, the deduplication solution can be co-located with the backup servers, thus minimizing the traffic over the remote link.

Highly Durable Storage

Cloudian HyperStore is designed to tolerate disk, server, rack, or data center failure and automatically corrects bit-rot and network errors.

Lower TCO

Cloudian gives you the option of deploying appliances or software on standard x86 servers. Either way, you get a scalable backup target at costs under $0.01 per GB per month.

  • Growing backup capacity requirements
  • Offsite backup or DR adds significant cost and/or logistical issues
  • Data management across multiple sites
  • Hybrid cloud backup and archive
  • Secondary backup/DR target
  • Plug-and-play backup target
  • Modular and limitless scalability
  • Geo distribution
  • Metadata-based search and analytics
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Up to 70% cost savings
  • Hybrid/multi-cloud ready
  • Proven in Veeam environments

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