Data Protection

Rubrik and Cloudian together unify and automate backup, instant recovery, replication, global indexed search, archival, compliance, and copy data management into a single scale-out fabric across the data center and public cloud.

“Rubrik and Cloudian together offer a robust and simple solution that immediately saves cost by reducing complexity. With it, we can deliver greater value to our customers with highly-reliable and quickly scalable data protection.”

– Rob Mackle, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Assured DP

Data Lifecycle Management

Komprise and Cloudian tackle one of the biggest challenges in the data center industry, unstructured data lifecycle management, with solutions that offload non-critical data that is typically 70%+ of costly Tier 1 NAS to a limitlessly scalable storage pool.

“Komprise and Cloudian combined to give us a seamless and scalable approach to managing files that significantly reduced our CAPEX and OPEX.”

– Richard Tatham, GM of Cloud Services at Sithabile Technology Services


CTERA Networks and Cloudian provide enterprises with tools for collaboration in capacity rich environments.

“With CTERA and Cloudian, we have built a powerful and flexible set of collaboration services with instantly scalable storage to address our customer’s changing business needs.”

– Antonio Giannetto, CTO and Innovation Strategist at ReeVo.

Media & Entertainment

Evolphin and Cloudian help media professionals address capacity-intensive formats (e.g. 4k, 8k, VR/360) with the performance to handle time-pressed workflows.

“Tape was killing us with constant migrations and slow access. With Evolphin and Cloudian we have instant media access, and we’ve finally made our last media migration.”

– Broadcast Post-Production Manager



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Calligo Deploys S3-based Storage-as-a-Service Solution

“Cloudian’s native S3 API has proven interoperable with all S3-enabled applications, which gives us and our customers peace of mind.”

Tom Hacquoil, Chief Digital Officer, Calligo