Increase Splunk Storage Scalability While Reducing Cost

Cloudian® HyperStore® and Splunk SmartStore reduce big data storage costs by 60%+ while increasing storage scalability. Together they provide an exabyte-scalable storage pool that is separate from your Splunk indexers.

With SmartStore, Splunk Indexers retain data only in hot buckets that contain newly indexed data. Older data resides in the warm buckets and is stored within the scalable and highly cost-effective Cloudian cluster.

Challenge: Extract More Value from Splunk Data

Splunk provides real-time insights into log files and many other types of machine data, but before Splunk SmartStore was introduced, customers had to add additional indexers to store the data, at a premium price. Now customers can offload warm and cold buckets to low-cost object storage.

Download this white paper from Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx to learn how Splunk customers are able to retain data longer, run advanced analytics on larger data sets, and extract more business value from their Splunk environment overall, with object storage.

The Solution

Splunk SmartStore and Cloudian HyperStore together let you decouple the compute and storage layers, so you can independently scale those resources to best serve workload demands.


  • 60+% TCO savings vs indexer-based storage
  • Independently scale compute and Splunk storage resources
  • On-prem data lake with exabyte scalability
  • Modular design for non-disruptive storage growth
  • Integrates seamlessly with AWS, GCP, and Azure
  • Deploy as software or appliance(s)

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7 Benefits of Using Cloudian Object Storage with Splunk SmartStore

With Splunk SmartStore, warm and cold indexes are moved to low-cost object storage, lowering costs by 60%+. Because Cloudian object storage can be scaled to an exabyte — and expanded without interrupting workflows — it allows more data to be ingested more cost-effectively.

Download this short paper to learn more about this and the rest of the 7 benefits of pairing these two technologies.


Save 60%+ on Splunk Storage Costs

Compare the economics of a traditional Splunk environment using local storage plus SAN/NAS to the newer Splunk SmartStore environment using Cloudian HyperStore—Cloudian’s on-premises S3-compatible storage solution. Download this paper to learn how Splunk SmartStore with Cloudian object storage provides over 60% savings over traditional Splunk environments in 3-year TCO model.


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Cloudian HyperStore’s Object Lock Compliance Mode feature protects your organization’s data from ransomware attacks. It also meets securities industry requirements for preserving record objects in a non-rewriteable, non-erasable format until the specified retention period has expired and any associated legal holds have been released.

According to the Cohasset Associates’ report, Cloudian HyperStore meets the requirements of:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 17 CFR § 240.17a-4(f), which regulates exchange members, brokers or dealers
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Rule 4511(c), which defers to the format and media requirements of SEC Rule 17a-4(f)
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 17 CFR § 1.31(c)- (d), which regulates commodity futures trading
  • CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d)

Cloudian Deployment & Tuning Guide for Splunk SmartStore

Written for the experienced Splunk professional, this guide details the key considerations for the deployment and tuning of Cloudian HyperStore when used as a storage target within a Splunk SmartStore architecture. Detailed illustrations are included for key deployment and tuning tasks, as well as references to other helpful documentation for deploying and managing the solution.


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Splunk SmartStore with Cloudian HyperStore

This demo shows a fully functional Splunk SmartStore/Cloudian HyperStore solution — from setup to searching data residing on a remote Cloudian HyperStore.


Experience hyperscale storage in your data center.

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