Data Storage Companies in a Turbulent Market

cloudian dell editshare logos

• Thomas Burns, CTO, Media & Entertainment at Dell Technologies
• Stephen Tallamy, CTO at EditShare
• David Phillips, Principal Architect, M&E Solutions at Cloudian

In the panel, we discuss with our experts how they differentiate their companies in a marketplace that is very turbulent as prices continue to decrease and new vendors continue to emerge.

Having seen the adoption of cloud focusing on collaborative workflows, we ask whether the cost of moving content in and out of the cloud is hindering adoption and whether our panel see this reported barrier diminishing in the near future, or whether on-premise storage will continue to be a better economic and/or operational proposition in some (or indeed, many) applications.

We ask the panel how they see the adoption of object-based storage and what the challenges are that prevent media companies from increasing demand for this and how their company is helping to counter these challenges.

Our panel gives us their thoughts on AI’s role in data storage and how it can optimize storage systems. Finally, we ask them what’s coming next in content storage technology and workflows and what their companies are planning in this area.