Optimize Your Big Data Analytics Environment for Performance, Scale, and Economics

Improve data insights, data management and data protection for more users with more data within a single platform

Bigger Data. Better Results. Faster. Securely.

Data growth and the need to extract timely insights from this increasingly strategic asset is one of the biggest challenges for enterprises today. As data grows in volume, variety and velocity, so does the capacity required for storage and archive as well as associated infrastructure and operating costs. Ensuring real-time data availability for new business questions and analysis is also important.

Combining Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) with Cloudian’s limitlessly scalable object-based storage platform is a best-in-class solution to address these challenges and enable the Information-Driven Enterprise. This joint solution provides a complete end-to-end approach to store and access unlimited data with multiple frameworks. And with new levels of technical and economic efficiencies to accelerate analytics, the solution dramatically reduces storage costs. Users also benefit from improved service levels as well as comprehensive data management and protection, with bucket-level control of all data, across on-prem and public cloud locations, and at petabyte scale. This solution enables cost-effective access to the unlimited and untapped opportunities and insights hidden within your data — today and into the future.

Cloudera Runs Native on Cloudian Object Storage

Single platform solution for Big Data Applications scaling as needed to support more workloads, users, and data across locations


Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH)
Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub is a modern big data platform that turns your data into real business value. From data science and engineering for programmatic preparation and predictive modeling, to powering an operational database for online applications and real-time serving, to running large-scale analytics for BI and SQL, EDH is fast, easy and secure and supports many data-driven tasks, including: building real-time data pipelines; meeting compliance guidelines; developing and training data models; reporting, exploring, and self-servicing business intelligence; delivering real-time insights for monitoring and detection; streaming applications like Internet of Things (IoT); and conducting accurate model scoring and serving — all from a single platform.

Unified data management has long been a shared business and IT objective, unattainable until now due to the limitations and costs of traditional approaches. With Cloudera Enterprise, customers can now easily handle the rapidly increasing data volume and variety they face, addressing a growing share of data and workloads from legacy infrastructure while optimizing the efficiency of those existing systems. Powered by Apache Hadoop at the core, Cloudera Enterprise extends your existing investments with a central scalable, flexible, secure environment for gaining insights from all data, without limits.

Cloudian HyperStore
Cloudian’s HyperStore is a petabyte-scale object storage platform that provides an elegant, cost-effective, on-prem solution for Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub (EDH). Seamlessly integrating with Cloudera EDH via native S3A, HyperStore is designed to meet the need for large, secure, highly resilient and flexible object storage infrastructure at a low cost.

With a single, global namespace across all locations including public cloud, HyperStore provides unified visibility and management of all data, with granular, bucket-level storage policies. Cloudian HyperStore deploys easily with as little as three nodes and upgrades non-disruptively, eliminating costly over-provisioning. HyperStore’s automatic data verification and self-healing functions provide reliability and resilience against hardware failures, while its data encryption, both in-flight and at rest, safeguard valuable assets against threats of deletion or theft via malware. HyperStore also provides unmatched data durability with flexible, policy-based data protection options with erasure coding and replication across clusters and sites.


  • Increased productivity for big data application users, including improved collaboration with secure access and control
  • A single platform for data science, engineering, and operational database analytics
  • Unified management of storage across all locations
  • Single architecture storage platform reduces technical complexities across storage and archive infrastructure
  • Cost-effective economics — reduce storage infrastructure and operating costs
  • Start small and easily expand solution with non-disruptive linear node-to-node scaling options to meet data growth needs — up to hundreds of petabytes
  • A single namespace across locations eliminates management workload and complexity through a unified view of data
  • Support future growth needs with flexible deployment and configuration options
  • Unmatched data durability — with choice of erasure coding and/or replication across clusters and locations
  • Sync with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, or other cloud location

Cloudera delivers the modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies. The world’s leading organizations trust Cloudera to help solve their most challenging business problems by efficiently capturing, storing, processing and analyzing vast amounts of data.