Archival Storage for On-premises Data

Google Cloud and Cloudian HyperStore offer a cost-effective solution for rarely used data. Cloudian on-premises storage integrates easily with Google’s archival service to provide a simple path to long-term storage. Cloudian HyperStore seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud and provides TBs to hundreds of PBs of on-premises storage. Policy-based migration lets you move files based on age, frequency of access, file type, and more.

Cloudian Advantage

  • TBs to hundreds of PBs of on-premises storage
  • Policy-based data migration to Coldline
  • Metadata stubs are retained within Cloudian

Take a Test Drive on Google Cloud

Explore Cloudian HyperStore features including:

  • Creating and managing your data
  • Setting up and testing storage policies
  • Setting up granular bucket-level data protection using Erasure Coding (EC 4+2) and Replication (RF3)
  • Managing your data with a single global namespace
  • Scaling your environment as needed to meet performance objectives


Deploying Hybrid Storage with Cloudian and Google Cloud Storage

google cloud storage

This paper discusses integrating Cloudian and Google Cloud to store data locally on Cloudian and tier data to Google Cloud using configurable tiering settings.