Mountpoint for S3AWS Mountpoint for S3 enables direct, file-system-like access to S3-compatible storage. While traditional object storage interfaces require specific S3 API calls for data access and manipulation, AWS Mountpoint simplifies this process by allowing standard Linux file operations to interact with object storage, thus bridging the gap between object storage and file-based applications.

Just as important, it can act as a bridge, connecting ML tools such as TensorFlow to S3-compatible object storage.

Cloudian’s newly-announced integration with AWS Mountpoint enables new options for managing file-based data on Cloudian’s S3-compatible platform, delivering high-performance file services with a lightweight file client.

For Cloudian users, this means enhanced ease of use and operational efficiency. Data stored on Cloudian’s HyperStore can now be accessed using familiar Linux commands, eliminating the need for data copying to local storage for access and processing. This is particularly beneficial for applications requiring high throughput and low latency, such as large-scale machine learning, genomic analysis, and autonomous vehicle simulation, among others.

Moreover, the integration brings several key advantages to Cloudian HyperStore customers:

  • High Performance: The integration capitalizes on the parallel processing capabilities and scalability of Cloudian HyperStore, coupled with the high-throughput access facilitated by AWS Mountpoint. This ensures that data-intensive applications can perform at their peak without bottlenecks.
  • Local Data Access: This feature streamlines workflows by allowing direct access to data stored in the cloud without the need to replicate data to local environments, thus saving time and reducing bandwidth costs.
  • Ease of Use: By native mounting of object storage buckets as local file systems, Cloudian and AWS Mountpoint reduce complexity, making it easier for developers and IT teams to manage and access data.
  • Consistent View: Offering a unified view of data through both file and object APIs enhances application compatibility and simplifies data management, making it easier to integrate Cloudian storage into existing IT ecosystems.

By combining Cloudian’s scalable object storage with the innovative file access capabilities of AWS Mountpoint, businesses can now leverage a powerful, flexible storage solution that meets the demands of modern, data-intensive applications. This integration not only underscores Cloudian’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction but also reinforces the versatility and efficiency of using AWS services for enterprise storage needs.

Here is an AWS post that describes how one of their customers uses Mountpoint today.

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