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Cloudian and Veeam v12 – the Perfect Pairing

Technology people LOVE to eat, and eat well. So I often wonder, can we create an analogy between the best of technology and the best of dining? Can two technologies pair well, just like a fine red wine pairs so well with a medium-rare steak?  

The excitement around Veeam Backup and Recovery v12 has been an industry buzz for many months. Now that it’s finally here, did it deliver? Is it the 1929 Rothschild you have been saving for generations? In my opinion, yes. It is probably from the exact same cask that’s bottled and stored in wine cellars today. It’s just magnificent.

Back up Direct to Object Storage with Veeam v12

Veeam v12 is a genuine game-changer for many reasons – over 500 hundred of them to be exact. The biggest news is the ability for Veeam to now write directly to Object Storage, which means it pairs with Cloudian better than ever. With v12, the SOBR is no longer needed. Nor is the performance tier.

Save up to 70% TCO by Backing up Direct-to-Cloudian

Eliminating that added storage tier saves you cost. The new direct-to-object workflow is also more secure. By writing directly to Cloudian object storage, you can create immutable backups in one simple job. There is no need to “off-load” your data through yet another process. The end result: streamlined, cost-effective backups that are ransomware-proof.

Back up Your Entire NAS to Object Storage…and More

There’s good news here for file data, too. You can also now backup your entire NAS structures to object storage – not just the changed or deleted files. This is something that users have been requesting for some time now.

Now, we can’t get to all 500-plus new features and changes in v12 in just a blog, but here are a few key benefits of pairing Veeam v12 with Cloudian on-prem object storage.

3 Key Benefits of Going Direct-to-Cloudian with Veeam v12

  1. Monthly cost predictability – There is no hidden PUT/GET bill for the number of times you have accessed “your” data (and that’s on top of the cost to have it in a Cloud environment!).  You know the cost, because you own the object storage. You also have built in multi-tenancy for your organization, with complete separation of users, data, and access control to that data.
  2. S3 Object Lock – Immutability enables ransomware-proof backups when paired with Veeam v12. Cloudian is built on the AWS S3 API, and we are the ONLY on-prem solution that is native S3 API – not a subset, not a gateway. 
  3. Cost – Having Cloudian object storage in your data center not only controls cost, but it costs far less than object storage in the cloud.

View this short video to learn more about the game-changing features that Veeam and Cloudian will bring to your backup environment and your overall data management solution. Check it out!

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