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Protecting Your Data with VMware vSAN and Cloudian HyperStore

Each month, VMware and Cloudian collaborate to promote our joint solution in a series of short (~15 minutes) LinkedIn Live sessions.  Each session highlights a new solution use case and for today’s session, the fourth in our series, we talked about Data Protection and how to keep data safe.  These are lively conversations about the solution and how our customers can take advantage of it to meet their evolving needs.  Last month, we covered the new Splunk SmartStore use case, with a 44% TCO savings compared with traditional storage.

Our joint solution became available in February and combines Cloudian Object Storage with VMware’s vSAN Data Persistence platform through VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu.   Adding Cloudian object storage software to vSAN is simple and easy, and serves any cloud-native or traditional IT application requiring S3-compatible storage.  The solution enables many new use cases with Data Protection being one that cuts across all segments: everyone needs to ensure their data stays safe, especially from the accelerating increase in ransomware and other cyberattacks.

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