In cloud storage, there are hundreds of managed service providers (MSPs) who offer enterprise-grade, S3-API storage services. Increasingly, these MSPs look to Cloudian as the supplier for their underlying object storage infrastructure.

Local and regional MSPs offer their customers great value in several ways. They act as a trusted guide for large companies, and they provide rich, turnkey service offerings for smaller ones. Furthermore, their regional focus builds deep connections with local businesses as well as expertise in compliance and regulatory issues, benefits that remove technical barriers, reduce risk, and accelerate cloud adoption.

A wide range of high-value services fall within their offerings:  storage, archive, collaboration, and data protection, among others. These services require cost competitive storage, with scalability that is both limitless and painless. They also require S3 interoperability that ensures trouble-free operation and high customer satisfaction. That’s where Cloudian HyperStore comes in.

Over the past year, we’ve been pleased to help dozens of global MSPs deploy and manage successful cloud storage offerings, building profitable businesses on Cloudian’s infinitely scalable platform.

Why MSPs Choose Cloudian

Cloudian object storage uniquely addresses this market with MSP-oriented features, including:

  • 100% native S3 API: Ensures trouble-free operation with best-in-class interoperability
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Eliminates the “noisy neighbor” problem with bandwidth controls
  • Multi-tenancy: Unique namespace for each client
  • Branded UI: Provides customers with a management portal that highlights your brand
  • Configurable data protection: Lets customers configure data protection settings to meet their specific needs, rather than one-size-fits all

Additionally, our object storage platform contains a full suite of other features that bring key advantages to MSPs:

  • Start small and grow: HyperStore allows MSPs to scale with demand. Start with a few dozen terabytes and scale up to hundreds of petabytes and beyond — with zero disruption
  • Appliance or Software: Deploy Cloudian HyperStore as a pre-configured appliance — with full support — or as software on your server.
  • Geo-distribution: You can deploy Cloudian HyperStore in a single data center, or distribute across multiple data centers with data replication to ensure uninterrupted service, even in the event of a data center outage
  • File services: Deploy NFS/SMB file services for additional value-add


A Growing List of MSP Customers

A sample of the MSPs now offering Cloudian-based includes:

Learn more about the value these MSPs saw by checking out our solutions.


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