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Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving container evolution I’m excited to announce that Cloudian HyperStore is now certified for two more VMware deployment patterns. HyperStore Container (HyperStore-C) is now supported and deployable on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service (TKGS) and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKG).

This means HyperStore’s enterprise-grade, fully native, S3-compatible object storage experience is available for on premises Tanzu Kubernetes clusters for vSphere 7 via TKGS as well as multi-cloud Tanzu Kubernetes footprints via TKG.

What’s the benefit of leveraging Cloudian HyperStore-C in Kubernetes environments?

The key benefits are:

  1. Application portability via S3 native interaction
    • No S3 gateways or translation layers to add complexity and impact compatibility or performance
  2. Scalability and
    • Deployment sizes ranging from Terabytes scalable to an Exabyte
  3. Multitenancy
    • HyperStore-C can be deployed in isolated or shared namespaces for multiple use cases
  4. Security
    • Verified US Federal and European standard security certifications
  5. Cost
    • 60% of more TCO saving vs traditional storage or public cloud storage

With these two new deployment patterns, modern containerized applications can now leverage stateful S3 services provided by HyperStore regardless of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid or Grid Service platforms!

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