If you’re at NAB Las Vegas 2018, a visit with Cloudian will offer you new media storage insights.

You know the impact of technology. Not only does it allow you to do more things than you ever thought it could, it also creates a new set of complexities: where are things stored? How fast can I retrieve them? Are they safe and secure? And for how long can I keep adding content top my storage system before it doesn’t work anymore?

If those questions sound familiar, you owe it to yourself to stop by the Cloudian booth (SL6321) at the NAB show in Las Vegas. Cloudian’s M&E experts will explain how object storage can make you more productive and make scaling a breeze, and make it much easier to find the content you need.

Not to spoil the surprise, but they’ll tell you about a specific workflow. First, you’ll do your editing in an application like Adobe Premiere, or perhaps catalog using a MAM. That content can be extensively tagged with metadata describing the details of the content. From there, the content is stored in HyperStore, and the media files can then be replicated for disaster recovery purposes to the cloud.

The cloud can also be used to apply AI to the media – for instance, to search for faces or landmarks – and then automatically add additional metadata. Not only does this enable you gain an even more granular view of your content, it allows elastic search to work increasingly well over time, enabling you to find what you need when you need it. Wherever your files go, the metadata goes with them; you can pull them back into a MAM and the metadata comes with them, allowing you to search within the MAM environment, if so desired.

It’s an elegant solution to what can be a very complex and thorny problem – and it makes more sense when you see it in person than when you read it in print. That’s why you need to come by the Cloudian booth at the NAB show to see it in person. We’ll make it worth your while – visitors will have a chance to win a Ducati motorcycle or $20,000 in cash. And, on April 10, we’ll be offering free drinks in a happy hour event in our booth with our partner WWT.

Not only will the booth featured speakers from many Cloudian customers and sponsors, a session dedicated to the value of objects storage featuring WGBH and a long-running late-night weekend comedy program will delve deeper into object storage’s impact on archives.

Register for the session here!

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