Data is growing at a tremendous rate – are you equipped to handle the influx? Read our selection of object storage articles to learn more about how you can effectively tackle the challenge of storing all that unstructured data.


What is Object Storage Good For?

Object storage is excellent for backup, but can also fulfill a variety of roles beyond that. Object storage can also archive your cold data, work with file sync and share, and also help free up precious NAS capacity.


Finding Object Storage’s Missing Link

Many vendors that offer object storage only provide half of a solution. Read on to learn how a ‘consortium’ approach can help IT Managers implement a complete object storage solution into their organizations.


How an Object Storage Architecture Can Help Reduce Complexity

As organizations grow, so do their data storage needs. Find out how object storage avoids traditional storage limitations by simplifying the process of storing and protecting vast amounts of unstructured data.


Storage in an Unstructured World – The Role of Object Storage

Data is growing over 50% annually, with 80% of that being unstructured data. Object storage will play an increasingly important role in storage architectures as data growth continues to skyrocket.


Hybrid Cloud Computing and AI: The Future Blend

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, it’s necessary to be able to leverage large volumes of data with abundant, affordable computing. See how a hybrid cloud strategy may be the best path for tackling an AI-driven future.