We’re well into 2017 – is object storage in your company’s storage strategy? We’ve curated some articles from around the web that look more closely at object storage, hybrid cloud, and the importance of both.

Hybrid Cloud in 2017: The Enterprise Argument

Hybrid cloud is increasing in popularity due to the combination of flexibility and cost-effectiveness with security and control. Enterprises need to be mindful of how they implement this technology to best serve their organization.

Why Object Storage Provides a Valuable Alternative to Tape Storage for Archive

Tape has long been king of backup, but has key shortcomings that hurt it in the long run. Enter object storage – with Amazon S3 as its default standard, object storage has quickly become a strong solution for resilient backup.

StorageShort: Will Machine Data Kill Backup?

With the proliferation of machine-generated data, data centers will struggle to keep up, meaning current backup solutions may fail. Learn how object storage can handle a high file count without sacrificing protection.

Achieving Data Security in the Hybrid Cloud

As organizations start to implement hybrid cloud deployments, it’s important to avoid falling into the trap of security sprawl. Enterprises need to consider three fundamental requirements for more streamlined security: integration, synchronization, and automation.

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