Capturing and analyzing traditional as well as new types of healthcare data is creating exciting, new opportunities to improve patient outcomes.  But it is also the source of new challenges straining associated legacy technologies. One important challenge is the surge in the growth of this healthcare data. According to EMC Digital Universe and IDC, healthcare data growth has increased more than 7-fold in six years, from less than 200 exabytes in 2013 to over 1500 exabytes in 2019, with total healthcare data to expected to rise to nearly 2500 exabytes by 2020. Determining how best to store, manage and access this data is critical to helping to control and treat disease.

The adoption of object storage provides a new and cost-effective choice for healthcare data managers. The emergence of cloud-based services has enabled yet more options but also introduces additional management complexity. In this context, choosing the right data storage solution should meet not just today’s needs but also future needs. With data centers strapped with outdated hardware and software solutions, the need for an affordable and effective approach to handling the healthcare data life cycle and storage management has never been greater.

Some of the key factors to consider for your data storage system are:

Scale – does the data storage system easily scale to accommodate capacity needs?

Cost – is it cost-effective and will it remain economic as it scales?

Manageability – does it provide a unified view and control of healthcare data, across multiple geographies and locations?

Cloud integration – does it support data storage on-premises as well as with hybrid multi-cloud integration?

Compliance and Privacy – does it ensure local and national regulatory compliance and privacy rules for healthcare data?

Cloudian addresses these and other important requirements with HyperStore, it’s limitlessly scalable, S3-compatible storage platform. Deploying on-prem, it supports flexible and non-disruptive scaling by adding nodes and even new sites as needed. Starting small, HyperStore scales to exabytes across locations, including public cloud. HyperStore is ideal for healthcare data storage with its ability to provide cost-effective capacity, real-time access from any location to patient health data, as well as its policy-based data-protection options such as erasure coding and replication.

Cloudian also has collaborated with Hyland Software to integrate its Acuo Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) with HyperStore for a solution that allows multiple healthcare information platforms such as system PACS and Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to access a shared storage environment. Cloudian alliance partners also include Veeam, Rubrik, and Commvault who provide modern data backup and recovery solutions that integrate seamlessly with HyperStore for additional data protection. For Epic environments, HyperStore can provide an on-premises storage solution for Epic EHR data protected by Rubrik.

Learn more about how you can manage, protect, and retain healthcare records, scans, and images, with a secure, cost-effective, and limitlessly scalable on-premises storage solution.

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