The hottest ticket for Media & Entertainment (M&E) this year is no doubt Super Bowl 50, hosted in Santa Clara, California in Silicon Valley this upcoming Sunday, February 7th. This year’s matchup poses new versus old…as in, the younger more dynamic Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton versus the veteran and reestablished Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning. Either way they both represent Silicon Valley values…innovation, outside-of-the-box thinking, or reinvent and evolve for survival. How has the Media industry taken advantage of the latest and greatest in technologies offered to them by Silicon Valley?

Cloudian took a look at the progressing Media industry when we took advantage of the break from the rain and grabbed a short afternoon drive from our San Mateo headquarters up to San Francisco. The City by the Bay has transformed into Super Bowl City, a hub for the media and press to continuously update fans on everything football related. With an estimated $12-billion-a-year-business during the 2014-2015 season, the National Football League (NFL) and it’s collective of 32 teams increased business by 14.3% from the previous season’s estimates.  Imagine the amount of Big Data content the media and press create to keep the fans engage to capitalize on this market.

For Media global file access and collaboration is crucial when selecting new technologies to adopt as they want to scale-out for business growth while delivering their Big Data to support massive distribution channels, various post-production media formats, and consumption by end-users on countless media platforms.

Object storage systems enable users more access levels to their Big Data versus the traditional file storage systems. This is very attractive to Media who are trying to enhance workforce productivity by making global file access and collaboration effortless. New emerging technologies offered by startups such as Cloudian, with our software-defined object storage solution, allows Media to expand and modernize to support a growing audience.

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