Advances in machine learning, virtual reality, robotics, genomics and other research fields are generating ever more amounts of data for educational institutions. They are struggling to contain costs of storing these increasing data loads, while dealing with sometimes counter demands for increased collaboration and security.


Cloudian and Storage Made Easy (SME) have partnered to create an economical storage solution combining Cloudian HyperStore scalable storage with SME’s Enterprise File Fabric™ platform. The solution is able to accommodate tens of thousands of students, employees and applications with access to economical file and object storage services.

HyperStore, a software-defined scale-out object storage, provides institutions ondemand, limitless capacity for all their data storage needs including unstructured student data, media, scans and images for health and research and even video surveillance and security feeds. This best-in-class enterprise solution provides cloudlike accessibility in an on-premises solution, including an ultra-secure syncand-share capability, enabling users to securely store, access, and share files from any computer or device. Applications benefit from access to reliable, scalable, high performance storage using S3, FTP, SFTP, FTPS and WebDAV APIs, or through mounted filesystems. Administrators have the ability to federate all storage into a single namespace and use familiar Access Controls (ACLs) and delegation to manage access. Integration with identity providers also allows auto provisioning of accounts and home folders based on a user’s role.

In addition, at storage costs down to cent per gigabyte per month, HyperStore’s efficient architecture and industry-standard components save 70% on capital expenditure. Massive scalability and lights-out management reduces operational costs by 95%.

enterprise file fabric


  • Span your campus or the globe – HyperStore can be geographically distributed across multiple locations and/ or campuses and with the integrated solution of Cloudian with SME data remains accessible from any type of device at anytime from anywhere. As an on-premises solution, it provides educational establishments with granular control of data governance and security through policies, and therefore can deliver the flexible access students need whilst reducing the risk of data loss
  • Private Hybrid Cloud Storage – The scalability and reliability of object storage, is available in a local data center. All departments and research labs can tap into storage as a service, for applications, data archives, or the replacement of shared drives and home folders.
  • Multi-use for cost savings and simple management – The solution is suited to any capacity-and access challenge, with proven compatibility across a wide-range of applications. To enable secure resource sharing, Cloudian features multi-tenancy, quality of services controls, and billing along with the secure sync n share capabilities of the File Fabric. Start small with one application, then grow on demand to meet changing needs.
  • Single Control Plane – Reduce administration costs with centralized policy-based controls across all unstructured data. Access can be granted to authorized users based on ACL, role or data classification. Unifies object storage, filesystems (NAS, SAN) and public clouds including SharePoint / Office 365, OneDrive and Google Drive.
  • Easy Collaboration – Students and staff can share files and folders with internal and external collaborators, with access fully audited. A drop folder feature provides a means for incoming files to be securely accepted too, and solution fully integrates with Microsoft Teams.
  • File Transfer Acceleration – Uploads, downloads and crossserver movement of extremely large data sets are accelerated with parallel data streams using the File Fabric’s unique M-Stream feature.
  • Data Security – Data is highly durable, in a local data center, and encrypted at rest and in transit. No more worrying about backup tapes or lost laptops.
  • Data Recovery – Support for unlimited file versions, recovery from trash, and options for recovery from offsite storage, allow users self-service recovery data without IT.
  • Access Anywhere – Data can be accessed anywhere, from any device, with a full audit trail of activity that is able to be used to fulfill GDPR Subject Access Requests (SAR’s), CCPA, or HIPAA information requests.
  • Unified Content Search – Enables files across 60+ data sources to be categorized, indexed and searched in real-time.
  • Content Discovery – Real-time discovery of data based on defined templates. Ships with common controls for personal data (PHI / PII).

Key Benefits

  • On-demand scalability
  • Limitless capacity
  • Cloud-like accessibility with secure File Sync-n-Share
  • Integrated support for file- and objectbased data and applications
  • High data security and data durability
  • On-premises security with cloud economics
  • 70% lower TCO compared to public cloud

How to Expand Storage for Microsoft Teams with Cloudian and SME

Demonstrates how SME File Fabric software can be configured to share data from Cloudian object storage via Microsoft Teams. This provides local storage that is scalable and cost effective, yet permits collaboration via Teams.