New Solution with VMware Tanzu Greenplum Data Warehouse

Cloudian is expanding its collaboration with VMware with a new solution combining Cloudian HyperStore with VMware Tanzu Greenplum, a massively parallel data warehouse platform for enterprise analytics, at scale.

Integrating Cloudian enterprise-grade object storage with VMware Tanzu Greenplum enables new efficiencies and savings for Greenplum users while also supporting the creation and deployment of petabyte-scale advanced analytics models for complex enterprise applications. This is especially timely with the amount of data consumed and generated by enterprises accelerating at an unprecedented pace and the need for these applications to capture, store and analyze data rapidly and at scale.

Greenplum Tanzu Cloudian Diagram

Whether your analytics models use traditional enterprise DB data; log & security data; web, mobile & click steam data; or your models use video and voice data; IOT data or JSON, XML geo and graph data; the need for a modern data analytics platform solution that is affordable, manageable, and scalable has never been greater.

Cloudian HyperStore, with its native S3 API and limitless scalability is simple to deploy and easy to use with VMware Tanzu Greenplum.  HyperStore storage supports the needs for data security, multi-clusters, and geo-distributed architectures across multiple use cases:

  • Storing database backups
  • Staging files for loading and unloading file data
  • Enabling federated queries via VMware Tanzu Greenplum Extension Framework (PXF)

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See how Cloudian and VMware are collaborating:

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NAS Backup & Archive Solution with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct

Cloudian and Rubrik are simplifying enterprise data protection with a best-in-class NAS backup and archival solution that combines Cloudian HyperStore and Rubrik’s NAS Cloud Direct. This simple solution makes it easy to manage and migrate massive amounts of NAS data to Cloudian on-prem storage without impacting production environments. Cost-effective and highly scalable, this solution delivers new levels of operational efficiency and flexibility to solve challenges for large-scale NAS data management.

With the surging growth in NAS data volumes, the need for an affordable, simple and cost-effective approach to data life cycle and storage management at scale has never been greater. Enterprise organizations must be able to store massive amounts of data while also ensuring that data moving across data centers and to the cloud is simple, seamless, and secure.

Combining Cloudian HyperStore with Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct, a software-only product with a direct-to-object capability, provides a single data management fabric with automated, policy-based protection and allows users to store their NAS backup and archive data in one or multiple geographically separated regions or data centers. Enterprises can extend and scale their Cloudian capacity as needed and non-disruptively while keeping NAS data storage costs to a minimum.

Rubrik NAS Cloud Direct is deployed as a virtual machine that can be up and protecting data from any local and remote NAS platform to Cloudian HyperStore, within minutes.

At any scale – from terabytes to petabytes of data and millions to billions of files – Cloudian HyperStore and NAS Cloud Direct eliminate the complexity of tape solutions and the vendor lock-in of disk-to-disk backup solutions, all at a lower cost.

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See how Cloudian and Rubrik are collaborating:

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Why Internet Unie Chose Cloudian for Hybrid Cloud Storage

Internet Unie, a service provider in the Netherlands, has recently deployed an innovative hybrid cloud service, combining Cloudian object storage in their data center together with Amazon S3 storage.

The new service allows their colocation customers to employ local S3 storage in their data center, with additional capacity available in the AWS public cloud.

Why would a service provider launch a service that employs another service provider (in this case Amazon)?

The answer is simple: it fills a real business need and gives Internet Unie a competitive advantage.

By offering their customers this hybrid service, Internet Unie meets multiple possible requirements:

    • Performance: Local storage provides cloud-compatible capacity without the latency of a long network hop
    • Data governance: Locally stored data does not leave the data center
    • Capacity flexibility: Data can be tiered off to the cloud when desired, meaning capacity is always there
    • Disaster recovery: Backup information can be moved off site at any time
    • Cost: Locally stored information costs nothing to access, meaning that cloud storage invoices become far more predictable
    • Archival storage: Cloud archival services are very cost effective for rarely accessed information
    • Business simplicity: One invoice for both on prem and cloud storage, thanks to the Amazon Marketplace metered-by-use program

Internet Unie summed it up this way:

“This hybrid service opens up enormous possibilities for those using the AWS service cloud offerings and need to store certain data types in a private cloud, for reasons such as data governance policies. With Cloudian’s new offering on AWS, our customers can point their applications to either cloud storage or on-premises storage, and it’s completely transparent,” said Arvid Cauwels, Sales Director at Internet Unie. “With AWS metering now available for Cloudian storage, customers get one AWS invoice for both their public and private cloud storage usage.”

Cloudian is a natural fit due to our native support for the Amazon S3 API, which makes it easy to tier between a Cloudian storage system in the Internet Unie data center and AWS cloud storage. Additionally, Cloudian supports AWS metering, which pulls all usage and billing (for both public and private cloud) into a single monthly AWS invoice.

Hybrid cloud represents a ‘best of both worlds’ solution, giving customers extra flexibility and control while providing limitless scalability. Read our blog post to learn more about why you should consider a hybrid cloud solution.