New HyperStore 4000: Highest density storage

Rack space and budget. Most data centers are short on both. Yet somehow, you’re expected to accommodate a 50% increase in unstructured data volume annually. That’s a problem. The new solution is the HyperStore 4000. With 700TB in just 4U of rack height, it’s nearly 2X the density of our earlier models. And it delivers … Read More

Cloudian Customer Receives Commvault Innovation Award

Cloudian Customer Receives Commvault Innovation Award for Data Protection with Object Storage A Cloudian customer, Schuberg Philis, has been recognized by Commvault for their innovation in a data protection deployment with Cloudian object storage. Several aspects of this award-winning solution illustrate advancements that make backup a very exciting topic right now: Object storage as a … Read More

Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out Storage: What’s the Difference?

Scale-up vs scale-out storage is a comparison that illustrates the evolution of storage technology. What’s the difference? Storage capacity is the most fundamental criteria of a storage device. The second most fundamental storage criteria is what happens when you need to add capacity. The prospect of adding capacity keeps storage managers up at night. When … Read More

Object Storage News in Brief: January 20

There’s a common thread in recent articles: object storage and hybrid cloud will be a BIG deal in 2017. We’ve curated some recent articles that delve into these topics, and related topics including private cloud and tiering to the public cloud.   Hybrid Cloud Will Be a Battlefield & Other Cloud Predictions While Amazon Web … Read More

Better Backup With the Software You Already Have

You know the challenges of the backup process. Veritas and Commvault are good products, but backup is still a chore. Your three choices for a backup target all have challenges: Tape is troublesome, disk is expensive, and backup to the cloud is slow.

Why Internet Unie Chose Cloudian for Hybrid Cloud Storage

Internet Unie, a service provider in the Netherlands, has recently deployed an innovative hybrid cloud service, combining Cloudian object storage in their data center together with Amazon S3 storage. The new service allows their colocation customers to employ local S3 storage in their data center, with additional capacity available in the AWS public cloud. Why … Read More

How to Get Started With Hybrid Cloud

How to Get Started With Hybrid Cloud Hybrid cloud holds significant promise: unprecedented scalability, the flexibility to keep data and applications where you need them, and it’s more cost-effective than public or private cloud alone. There’s also a lot of hype around it, so, it’s hard to know where to start with hybrid cloud. We’ll … Read More

AWS re:Invent Attendees See Benefits of Hybrid Storage

AWS re:Invent was a fantastic show this year. The show has seen phenomenal growth, with over 32,000 attendees, up from 18,000 attendees last year. Many visitors were looking for solutions to let them integrate their on-premises operations with the cloud. By adopting a hybrid cloud storage approach, they would be able to capitalize on the … Read More

5 Things You Need to Know About Hybrid Cloud Before You Start

You’ve probably heard the term hybrid cloud, but what is it, and what can it do for you? It’s a particularly hot topic now because public cloud storage is growing in popularity. As it should be. Public cloud is inexpensive and solves real storage problems. But public cloud is not for everyone and not for … Read More