How Cloudian’s Hybrid Storage Policy Accelerates Nasuni

Cloudian recently introduced a new capability, hybrid storage policies, first introduced in Cloudian HyperStore 7.5 object storage software. This feature allows the Cloudian platform to be application aware and tune storage usage in real time to optimize performance and capacity efficiency. A customer recently capitalized on this new capability as they sought to bolster their … Read More

Major Ransomware Attack in Las Vegas: Are You Prepared?

Two large hotel and casino chains in the US this week provided a high-profile reminder that ransomware is still very much with us. MGM Resorts, which includes several of the largest hotels in Las Vegas and across the US, was largely shut down due to a ransomware attack, with credit card transactions halted and casino … Read More

Multi-Cloud Series: #7 Configure Cloudian HyperStore for On-Premise and Public Clouds

How to Configure Cloudian HyperStore for Hybrid Cloud Because Cloudian HyperStore is built for seamless cloud integration, it is an ideal platform for hybrid cloud deployments. This blog will explain how to configure Cloudian HyperStore to use on an on-premises data centre to create a hybrid cloud deployment. CLOUDIAN SUPPORTS MULTIPLE DEPLOYMENT TOPOLOGIES Cloudian HyperStore ... Read More

Multicloud #5 – HyperStore Auto Tier to Cloud

David Axler, Principle Architect View LinkedIn Profile How to tier data to (or among) clouds with Cloudian HyperStore To help build out a hybrid cloud deployment, Cloudian HyperStore can perform an important data management function by moving or copying data to the cloud. This blog describes to how configure your Cloudian system for this, and ... Read More

Service Provider Softsource vBridge Delivers Ransomware Protection with Cloudian

As a leading ICT systems integrator and service provider, Softsource vBridge is at the forefront of protecting the data of New Zealand organizations, including major universities and district councils, from rising threats such as ransomware. In the world of cybercrime, perimeter defense measures are too often defeated. Because there is no silver bullet to keep … Read More

Secure Object Storage with Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)

In today’s data-driven world, securing sensitive information is of utmost importance for organizations seeking solutions that offer top-tier security and seamless integration with their existing key management infrastructure. At Cloudian, we recognize the critical need for robust data protection, especially for users in public administration, healthcare, and finance. To meet the diverse needs of our … Read More

How application aware storage policies boost performance

One exciting feature of Cloudian’s new 7.5.1 release is this: application-aware hybrid storage policies. This feature allows HyperStore to boost performance by dynamically adapting storage policies to the workload. The result is faster response for small object access. Furthermore, the increased efficiency in handling small objects boosts overall performance for all object sizes. This is … Read More

Erasure Coded Storage Policy for Multi-Cloud

David Axler, Cloudian Sales Engineer View LinkedIn Profile Erasure Coded Storage Policy for Multi-Cloud In this blog, I will explain how Cloudian Hyperstore protects your data efficiently in a multicloud environment using Erasure Coding (EC) and specifically Distributed Erasure coding which offers resilience to a site/cloud failure   Cloudian HyperStore Supports Multiple flexible data protection ... Read More

Cloudian expands security, search, and file capabilities

Cloudian’s HyperStore 7.5.1 release includes important new security, search and file capabilities. Now offered are HyperStore File Services, KMIP support, dynamic storage policies and the HyperSearch integrated search engine. Together, they help simplify management, boost the value of your data, and further enhance the security posture of HyperStore, already the industry’s most secure object storage … Read More

5 Cloudian Storage Benefits in AI Use Cases

AI training models place new requirements on data storage platforms. The scope of AI projects may expand rapidly, meaning the infrastructure must also scale quickly and without disruption. Furthermore, training or inferencing data may exist for years, so infrastructure decisions may have long-term implications. Consider your requirements early in the process, and you’ll be well-positioned … Read More