Four Reasons Why Data Lakes are Adopting Hybrid Cloud

Today Cloudian announced the launch of an on-prem data lake storage solution in partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. This follows our recent announcement with Teradata regarding Cloudian’s integration with Teradata Vantage’s on-premises deployment option. Cloudian has made similar announcements with other analytics platforms, including Microsoft SQL, Greenplum, and Vertica. With each of them, … Read More

Sovereign Services: It’s About Jurisdiction… and Making Money

    Amit Rawlani, Senior Director of Solutions & Technology Alliances, Cloudian View LinkedIn Profile Data sovereignty and sovereign clouds have taken on a new significance in the world today. As organizations around the world generate troves of data, they are keenly aware of the need to manage, store, and secure this valuable asset as ... Read More

Storage for a Multi-cloud World

Just about every organization is evaluating or using cloud in some fashion. When you look at various enterprises, there’s a wide range of deployment options to consider, but one thing is certain: as cloud spend continues to increase, some form of multi-cloud will be part of most enterprise cloud strategies, so it’s essential to have the right storage infrastructure in place to support multi-cloud.

How to Get Full GitHub Benefits On-Premises

GitHub has traditionally been known as a commonly used cloud service to store, manage and share code using tools like Git. It is this service that’s most familiar to many developers. However, GitHub also has an offering that provides the ability to use GitHub on-premises with GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) for enterprises that require a solution behind their firewall due to network restrictions or generally want tighter control over their data and access to it.

Apache Common Text Vulnerability Guidance

Vulnerabilities have been identified in the Apache Commons Text. Cloudian took immediate action and has provided patches to remediate the issue. Data security is a foremost concern at Cloudian. This blog further explains the issue and outlines the steps that Cloudian has taken. Cloudian customers are strongly advised to prioritize and implement the Cloudian patch … Read More