Easily find and migrate data to Cloudian, without changing a thing.

Many organizations struggle to find a cost-effective way to store their data and accommodate the 50% annual growth in volume. Many tier to the public cloud as a default archive, while dedicating on-premises storage to mission-critical applications.

Yet, finding and using these files again can be slow—and costly. Acquiring more on-prem, all-flash storage for data growth is also expensive and unsustainable over time.

InfiniteIO and Cloudian® have teamed to provide a simple and powerful solution that ensures proper placement of data across primary, secondary and public cloud, as needed, while dramatically reducing storage costs through:

  1. Reclaimed tier-1 NAS capacity
  2. Instant tiering to low-cost on-prem storage
  3. Transparent file access
  4. Reduced data backup costs
  5. Petabyte scalability across sites
  6. Faster primary storage performance

All delivered with zero disruption to existing workflows or operations.

Extending NAS Capacity

The InfiniteIO and Cloudian hybrid cloud solution helps customers delay or eliminate the need for additional primary storage capacity. InfiniteIO can slash the existing NAS footprint up to 80% by identifying hidden, cold files and moving them to a limitlessly scalable Cloudian Hyperstore®. Customers can reclaim tier-1 NAS capacity without changing any existing workflows, storage configurations or IT operations.

infiniteIO cloudian solution

InfiniteIO offloads metadata requests, migrates cold and warm data from existing NAS to Cloudian HyperStore, while making files appear and perform as though they are still on primary storage.

Simplified, Policy-based Data Tiering to Cloudian HyperStore

With InfiniteIO and Cloudian, data management and tiering are fully automated, policy-based and simple. Using infiniview™, InfiniteIO’s unified view of migrated data and connected storage systems, customers can create policies that continuously migrate files based on metadata attributes. All migrated files appear as though they reside on primary storage. With Cloudian, you can also use public cloud storage as another tier or an off-site location for disaster recovery.

data tiering

Infiniview™ runs on any web browser and enables simple creation of robust, advanced data migration policies.

When your client reads or writes to a migrated file, InfiniteIO automatically moves the file from the Cloudian cluster to the primary storage system. The NAS system then directly fulfills the file request as always. Once the file again meets the criteria for migration, InfiniteIO automatically moves the file to Cloudian HyperStore without admin intervention. Customers simply create policies using clear business logic, and InfiniteIO continuously migrates data to the optimal Cloudian storage location, unifying files and objects in Cloudian HyperStore.

Manage Data with Limitless Scalability without Disruption

As simple to purchase and install as a network switch, InfiniteIO deploys in minutes with no downtime and without requiring changes to existing users, applications or back-end storage. InfiniteIO’s clustered configuration pricing also allows customers to scale data management to billions of files or hundreds of petabytes of storage without incurring unnecessary capacity licensing fees. Moreover, Cloudian HyperStore, with its native S3 API, is a highly-compliant S3 storage environment that is guaranteed interoperable with thousands of applications that support the S3 API. The flexibility and simplicity of InfiniteIO combined with Cloudian enables customers and partners to ensure data flows freely to the users that need it most, with equal levels of storage performance where it’s needed. Together, InfiniteIO and Cloudian optimize storage economics and data placement consistent with ongoing needs.

Metadata Unlocks Performance and Savings

metadataUp to 90 percent of all storage requests are for metadata, or information about the data, including when the file was created and who can read it. Servicing metadata requests slows NAS systems and hurts application performance. The InfiniteIO solution responds to metadata requests directly from the network without going through the original file or storage system. Customers and partners can immediately gain the economic benefits of on-prem S3-compatible storage with the performance of all-flash NAS throughout the InfiniteIO and Cloudian environment. Cloudian provides highly-available, geo-distributed, enterprise-class storage at 70% less cost than traditional NAS.



Easy Setup and Deployment
InfiniteIO installs in minutes like a network switch – with no downtime or workflow changes. Cloudian HyperStore scales nondisruptively, with zero downtime.

Simplified Data Migration
Instantly and automatically migrate files to Cloudian storage without continually rescanning NAS systems and zero changes to workflow.

Consistent Flash Performance
Offloading metadata requests enables legacy NAS to perform like flash while reducing latency for cloud file access.

Efficient Data Protection
Reduce backup time, capacity and cost by offloading metadata requests from backup application and using Cloudian as a resource for archive and retrieval.

Totally Transparent File Access
Make files available for use, even if they have been inactive for decades, by transparently presenting them as local storage regardless of physical location.

Real-time Insights
Gain real-time insight to improve and automate management for your hybrid cloud storage infrastructure.

Enterprise Scale
Scales to billions of files regardless of capacity on a single system.

No Hidden Costs
InfiniteIO’s system-based pricing avoids unnecessary capacity-based data management fees even as file or capacity counts grow over years.

InfiniteIO makes hybrid cloud storage simple and fast, ensuring information flows to people and applications that need it most, without disruption. InfiniteIO provides real time insights to analyze, optimize and scale capacity and performance throughout the hybrid cloud. Learn more at www.infinite.io