Object Storage News in Brief: March 15

We’re well into 2017 – is object storage in your company’s storage strategy? We’ve curated some articles from around the web that look more closely at object storage, hybrid cloud, and the importance of both. Hybrid Cloud in 2017: The Enterprise Argument Hybrid cloud is increasing in popularity due to the combination of flexibility and … Read More

Cloudian Cool App: NAS Gateway

We recently challenged our talented team to create “Cool Apps” that use object storage and our S3 API in interesting and novel ways. Read our previous blog posts to learn more about a web photobook app and a data visualization app created by Cloudian team members. Jeffry Molanus, a Systems Engineer in the Netherlands, created … Read More

Object Storage News in Brief: January 20

There’s a common thread in recent articles: object storage and hybrid cloud will be a BIG deal in 2017. We’ve curated some recent articles that delve into these topics, and related topics including private cloud and tiering to the public cloud.   Hybrid Cloud Will Be a Battlefield & Other Cloud Predictions While Amazon Web … Read More

Cloudian and Thoughts About the Future of Storage

The enterprise storage industry is going through a massive transformation, and over the last several years I’ve had the good fortune of being on the front lines.  As founding CEO of Nexenta, I helped that company disrupt the storage industry by creating and leading the open storage market.  These days I’m having a blast as … Read More

Object Storage vs. File Storage: What’s the Difference?

Object storage has only been around since the mid-90s. As the relatively new kid on the block, there can be some confusion as to how it differs from other storage types, such as block or file storage. This post is the first in a series looking at these key differences, focusing on Object Storage vs. … Read More

Draw my Cloudian: What is Object Storage?

A few months ago, I was hesitant about applying to an internship at a technology company. Unlike many of my peers who view the Silicon Valley as the perfect gateway for fueling their careers and interests, I was never quite drawn to the tech scene I had grown up with.

New Use Cases for Smart Data and Deep Learning

In case you missed it, we recently announced a project with advertising giant Dentsu, QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) Japan, and Intel Japan. Using deep learning analysis and Cloudian HyperStore’s smart data storage, we’re launching a billboard that can automatically recognize vehicles and display relevant ads. The system has ‘seen’ 3,000-5,000 images per car so that … Read More

Shifting Technology Habits and the Growth of Object Storage

Technology is, for many of us, a vital and inextricable part of our lives. We rely on technology to look up information, keep in touch with friends and family, monitor our health, entertain ourselves, and much more. However, technology wasn’t always so ubiquitous – it wasn’t too long ago that our wireless phones had limited … Read More

Betting on Software-Defined Storage

Picking a company to advise is not always easy, but sometimes it just clicks – take, for example, my recent decision to join Cloudian’s advisory board. As outlined in my recent blog post, I look at several factors before deciding to advise a company: The potential for growth How well they know their target audience … Read More