NAB Show Demos and Presos: Media Storage Resources

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Cloudian hosted some great presentations from customers and our technology partners. Now you can see those presos and demos here: Click here: NAB Resource Center Over 6000 people visited Cloudian at the NAB Show, held April 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas. It was a great showcase for the … Read More

At NAB Today: Learn Why Object Storage and AI are Data’s Power Couple

If you produce video content, nothing beats a large archive of content. Not only can you draw upon it to cost-effectively create new programming, but you can monetize it by selling stock content to other content producers. It’s an asset that becomes more valuable over time. But one thing stands between content and its potential … Read More

Cloudian Adds File Storage Expertise

Cloudian Adds File Storage Expertise Through Acquisition of Pioneering Infinity Storage It’s not easy for technology companies to build great teams. The best people have lots of opportunities, and you’d better have a compelling story behind your product if you want them to join you and not one of your competitors. That reality makes Cloudian’s … Read More

VNAs and Object Storage: Changing Patient Outcomes with Consolidated Data

While medical professionals have more medical imagery resources at their disposal than ever, the technology that generates and stores those images is often proprietary. Nurses, doctors and others who need that information must devote time to retrieving files from disparate systems – something that inevitably takes away from the time that could be spent working … Read More

How to Best Use Data, or Where It’s Stored?

Which Question’s More Important to Your Business: How to Best Use Data, or Where It’s Stored? The explosion in data – driven by new technologies like AI, ML and VR, and by a growing appreciation of the value of data in general – is not the result of the public’s swelling affection for storage technology. … Read More

Cloudian Cisco Validated Design (CVD)

Cloudian HyperStore is certified for the Cisco UCS® S3260 storage server and integrated UCS Manager. Read the Cisco Validated Design (CVD) document here. One of the key benefits of our HyperStore solution is full S3 API compatibility, which results in hassle-free integration and interoperability with S3-compatible applications. Additional features and benefits of Cloudian HyperStore include: Limitless … Read More

The World is Being Changed by Camera Data & Object Storage

Impactful Imaging: How the World is Being Changed by Camera Data and Object Storage Last month, Cloudian and Axis, the market leader in network video, announced a partnership that will allow the data captured by Axis’ network cameras to be saved directly to Cloudian’s HyperStore via the internet for economical archiving. That means that even … Read More

2018 Prediction: A Year for Object Storage and AI/ML

Cloudian Engineering VP, Gary Ogasawara, shares his thoughts on object storage and the future of AI/ML. 2017 was a year of change, especially in the storage sector. We witnessed exploding data growth in storage driven by AI/ML/DL and data-intensive formats, the rise of cloud storage as a service, and the decline of flash memory prices. … Read More

New Enterprise File Solution for Object Storage

For a species that’s evolved so effectively over the millennia, we humans sure seem to have a hard time with change. Even the most flexible among us struggle with simple and even expected changes, like daylight savings time or the need to write a different year on our checks each January. In the high technology … Read More

Gartner Hype Cycle Recommendations for Object Storage

Gartner’s Storage Hype Cycle is out, and Storage Newsletter posted the piece here. The Gartner Hype Cycle is an industry overview that looks at the maturity of various storage types. In the Storage Newsletter posting, Gartner’s comments specific to object storage are interesting: they recommend that customers seek out the attributes that Cloudian offers.   Gartner: “Customers should … Read More