Cloudian Announces Record $94M Funding: What This Means for Object Storage

Record Funding Round for Object Storage Today Cloudian announced a $94M Series E funding round, bringing Cloudian’s total funding to $173M. This round is the largest ever for an object storage company, and exceeds all of Cloudian’s previous funding rounds combined. This majority came from investors new to Cloudian.   Object Storage Comes of Age … Read More

MSPs Look to Cloudian to Help Grow S3-Compatible Object Storage Business

In cloud storage, there are hundreds of managed service providers (MSPs) who offer enterprise-grade, S3-API storage services. Increasingly, these MSPs look to Cloudian as the supplier for their underlying object storage infrastructure. Local and regional MSPs offer their customers great value in several ways. They act as a trusted guide for large companies, and they … Read More

Object Storage vs. File Storage: What’s the Difference?

Object storage has only been around since the mid-90s. As the relatively new kid on the block, there can be some confusion as to how it differs from other storage types, such as block or file storage. This post is the first in a series looking at these key differences, focusing on Object Storage vs. … Read More

AWS CLI with S3-Compatible Storage

There’ve been a lot of discussions about Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It seems to me that everyone is saying that they are Amazon S3-compatible or that they work with S3 storage. That makes me wonder, what is the best way to validate a solution or test it out to … Read More

IBM Spectrum Protect with Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly IBM Tivoli Storage Manager) solution provides the following benefits: Supports software-defined storage environments Supports cloud data protection Easily integrates with VMware and Hyper-V Enables data protection by minimizing data loss with frequent snapshots, replication, and DR management Reduce the cost of data protection with built-in efficiencies such as source-side and target-side … Read More

How-To: S3 Your Data Center

As the Storage Administrator or a Data Protection Specialist in your data center, you are likely looking for some alternative storage solution to help store all your big data growth needs. And with all that’s been reported by Amazon (stellar growth, strong quarterly earnings report), I am pretty sure their Simple Storage Service (S3) is … Read More

Are You a Data Storage Expert?

As unstructured big data continues to grow, efficient data storage is increasingly vital. How well do you know the current and future state of data usage? Take our quiz below to test your knowledge and we’ll tell you what kind of data storage best ‘fits’ you! So how’d you do? If you underestimated the amount … Read More

S3 API & Extensions for Enterprise Object Storage

Amazon’s S3 API is the de-facto standard for object storage APIs. Having multiple service providers, software providers, and applications standardize on S3 has made it easier to interchange between them and rapidly stand up new uses for object storage. But there are different grades of S3 compatibility. Some software and solutions provide only the basic … Read More

Rethinking Enterprise Storage

With soaring data growth occurring across all industries, IT planners need to rethink how they design and implement enterprise storage technology. Traditional NAS and SAN platforms have served as the bulwark of data center storage capacity for decades, however, storing information on these premium storage assets is becoming increasingly cost-prohibitive for many organizations. As a … Read More